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  Federal University of Campina Grande, May
2009 (portuguese)
2009 [PDF] (portuguese)

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Dissertacao-Leonardo-Lima-final.pdf" attr="h" comment="This dissertation was developed by Leonardo Lima, and advised by Flávia Barros. This document presents the Class-Test, a tool designed to assist professionals in creating long test suites. In general, each test suite must contain a number of test cases of each type (e.g., Negative tests, Boundary tests, Interaction tests, etc.). This number is determined by test engineers/test designers of the company. One of the main problems faced by testers to create these suites is the time spent on manual classification of the tests pre-selected to compose large suites (around 1,000 tests, for example). The Class-Test is a tool for automatic classification of cases of test, which aims to reduce the effort and time spent in the manual classification of tests. The tool was built based on machine-learning techniques, particularly in the area of text classification. Three classifiers were built using a corpus composed by 879 tests cases, with 191 Boundary test cases, 338 Negative test cases, and 350 Interaction test cases. Each classifier is specialized in only one of these three types of tests. It was necessary to create three classifiers because some test cases can be linked to more than one class at the same time. Two case studies were accomplished. The first case study aimed to evaluate, among the four learning algorithms selected, which one would show better accuracy for the corpus in question (the algorithm SVM - Support Vector Machine showed better performance in this study). The second case study aimed to compare the accuracy of automatic classification versus the classification manual. This work is part of the Test Research Project of CIn-BTC, which is being developed in partnership between CIn-UFPE and Motorola. The general purpose of this project is to automate the generation, selection and evaluation of test cases for mobile applications." date="1242828666" name="Dissertacao-Leonardo-Lima-final.pdf" path="Dissertacao-Leonardo-Lima-final.pdf" size="484997" stream="Dissertacao-Leonardo-Lima-final.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp53319" user="EricaHori" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Test_Case_Selector_Uma_Ferramenta_para_Seleo_de_Testes.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1260553759" name="Test_Case_Selector_Uma_Ferramenta_para_Seleo_de_Testes.pdf" path="Test Case Selector Uma Ferramenta para Seleção de Testes.pdf" size="370958" stream="Test Case Selector Uma Ferramenta para Seleção de Testes.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp36457" user="EricaHori" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Dissertacao_Mestrado_Lucas_Lima.pdf" attr="h" comment="Lucas Lima Master Dissertation" date="1266580630" name="Dissertacao_Mestrado_Lucas_Lima.pdf" path="Dissertacao_Mestrado_Lucas_Lima.pdf" size="1681326" stream="Dissertacao_Mestrado_Lucas_Lima.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp5511" user="LaisNeves" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Dissertacao_Makelli_Juca2.pdf" attr="h" comment="Dissertação Mestrado Makelli Jucá" date="1267542629" name="Dissertacao_Makelli_Juca2.pdf" path="Dissertacao_Makelli_Juca2.pdf" size="7463314" stream="Dissertacao_Makelli_Juca2.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp10782" user="LaisNeves" version="1"
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