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Theses and Dissertations
<--, Graduation projects -->

PhD Theses

  • Rohit Gheyi. A Refinement Theory for Alloy. PhD thesis, Informatics Center, Federal Universisty of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. August 2007. (The presentation is here)
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  July 1999. -->
-- TiagoMassoni - 19 Apr 2008
 -- MarcosDosea - 26 Mar 2008 -- PauloBorba - 23 Oct 2005 -- EduardoAranha - 16 Aug 2006
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PhD-thesis-Vander-Alves.pdf" attr="h" comment="versao final, entregue na biblioteca central" date="1201108663" name="PhD-thesis-Vander-Alves.pdf" path="PhD-thesis-Vander-Alves.pdf" size="2265979" stream="PhD-thesis-Vander-Alves.pdf" user="Main.VanderAlves" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="mbd2-msc-thesis.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1206555464" name="mbd2-msc-thesis.pdf" path="mbd2-msc-thesis.pdf" size="1486315" stream="mbd2-msc-thesis.pdf" user="Main.MarcosDosea" version="1"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="tiago-massoni.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1208615745" name="tiago-massoni.pdf" path="tiago-massoni.pdf" size="1854428" stream="tiago-massoni.pdf" user="Main.TiagoMassoni" version="1"
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