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2015 Meetings

Date Theme
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16/09 Understanding Merge Conflict Characteristics Paola Accioly
11/02 Understanding Conflicts Arising from Collaborative Development Paola Accioly
03/06 Swift - Understanding the new language Felipe, Weslley, Castor
15/07 SPLC Rehearsal Leopoldo Teixeira
19/10 QA to AQ: Being Agile at Quality Joe Yoder
01/07 Nativo x Web. Análise de consumo de energia dos aplicativos Android Wellington Oliveira
18/11 More Common Than You Think: An In-Depth Study of Casual Contributors Gustavo Pinto
19/08 Minerando Commits Energy-Aware Irineu Moura
09/12 Lightweight, pattern-based inter-component communication discovery on Android applications Vinicius Souza
06/05 Improving Strategies to Avoid Merge Conflicts Based on Empirical Evidence Paola Accioly
27/05 ICSE'2015 Highlights Leopoldo, Paulo, Castor
17/06 Enforcing Information Hiding in Interface Specifications: A Client-Aware Checking Approach Henrique Rebêlo
04/09 Energy Efficiency: A Software Engineering Perspective Fernando Castor
18/03 Empirical Studies - which to choose, when to adopt and why? An analysis of ten years experience. Teresa Baldassarre
01/04 DECODE - a Platform for Distributed Execution of CODing Experiments Waldemar Neto
11/03 A BDD-based Approach to Reduce Conflicts in Collaborative Development Thaís Burity
16/12 How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia, by David Patterson Paulo Borba, Leopoldo Teixeira
07/10 Assessing Semistructured Merge in Version Control Systems: A Replicated Experiment Guilherme Cavalcanti
30/09 Improving Performance and Maintainability of Object Cloning with Lazy Clones: An Empirical Evaluation Bruno Cartaxo
09/09 Identifying the characteristics of vulnerable code changes: an empirical study Paola Accioly
11/11 Calculating source line level energy information for Android applications Weslley Torres
14/10 Moving Fast with Software Verification Leopoldo Teixeira
29/04 Views on Internal and External Validity in Empirical Software Engineering Waldemar Neto
04/11 Static Analysis of Implicit Control Flow: Resolving Java Reflection and Android Intents Paulo Barros
04/03 Strategic Thinking for Researchers Leopoldo Teixeira
08/07 A Large Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in Github Leopoldo Teixeira
26/08 Dimensões de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Software Paulo Borba
25/02 30 Days After Introducing Programming: Which of My Students Will Fail? Márcio Ribeiro

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