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2016 Meetings

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01/06 Explorando o uso de co-change clusters em tarefas de engenharia de software Marcos Oliveira
06/07 Mapping the Java memory model to Erlang, no shared memory Filipe Varjão
09/11 The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth: A Pragmatic Guide to Assessing Empirical Evaluations (paper discussion) Paola Accioly
09/03 Analise de manipulação de contexto em tempo de execução em aplicações adaptativas Thaisa Mirely
10/08 Towards a Platform to Support the Specification, Execution, and Replication of Coding Experiments Waldemar Ferreira
11/05 The Many Flavors of Swift's Error Handling Constructs Fernando Castor
13/04 Privacy and Security Constraints for Classes, Features, and Code Contributions Rodrigo Andrade
15/06 Understanding Code Integration Scenarios leading to merge conflicts in Rails Projects Klissiomara Dias
16/12 The Discipline of Preprocessor-Based Annotations Does #ifdef TAG n't #endif Matter Márcio Ribeiro
17/08 Understanding the Energy Behavior of Concurrent Haskell Programs Luis Gabriel Lima
18/05 Integrating Evidence from Systematic Reviews with Software Engineering Practice Through Evidence Briefings Bruno Cartaxo
19/10 Sustainable Software Design (paper discussion) Leopoldo Teixeira
19/09 A Programming Model for Sustainable Software Yu David Liu
20/04 Helping developers help themselves: Automatic decomposition of code review changesets João Brunet
22/06 Safe Evolution of Software Product Lines: Templates for Feature Extraction Scenarios Fernando Benbassat
23/11 Understanding Code Integration Scenarios leading to merge conflicts in Rails Projects Klissiomara Dias
26/10 An Unexpected Journey: A large-scale study on the usage of Java’s concurrent programming constructs Fernando Castor
29/06 Using task context to help developers during code reviews Felipe Ebert
30/11 Using IFC to identify Same Method Interference Roberto Souto Maior de Barros Filho
30/03 Partially Safe Evolution of Software Product Lines Gabriela Sampaio
31/08 Evidence Briefings: Towards a Medium to Transfer Knowledge from Systematic Reviews to Practitioners Bruno Cartaxo

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