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Anus Desah

Organization: Texas Poker
Country: Indonesia
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Poker Cotton - Basic Rules

Poker Cotton is one of the most popular game on the Internet today. Millions of people play it every day, all around the world. If you're playing poker today, then you need to learn the basic rules of this great game.

The basic rule of poker Cotton is that each player starts with five cards and will play against an opponent for a minimum of twenty-five minutes. The winner will be the player who has the zynga poker texas most chips after the time is up. You need to be very alert at all times, especially when your opponent is making his bets. Use the stacks to your advantage. They are your wealth in this game.

To start the game, you must have five cards to make a bet. Each card will be worth the amount of money that it is worth. There are many other ways you can figure out how much your cards are worth before you start betting them. But you will use the five to get the most money on the table.

After you have five cards, you will be looking for your opponent to make a bet. To determine if your opponent is going to bet or not, look at his stack. If his stack is less than five cards, then he is not going to bet. But, if it is over five cards, then you have to try to increase your stack, as your opponent is starting to fear your strength. One way you can do this is by holding the five cards in front of your face. Then look at your opponent's stack and determine how much you can possibly win with that five card stack.

After you have determined whether your opponent is going to bet or not, now you have to decide what cards you want to hold. You can hold a strong hand if you think your opponent will bet, and you just need to hold on to them, or you can hold a weak hand so that you don't have to try to increase your stack all the time. If you hold a strong hand, your opponent is going to continue to wonder if he will be able to increase his stack any more, but if you hold a weak hand, you might be able to slowly put your opponent off balance.

When you hold a good hand, make sure you follow the basic rules of poker Cotton and don't over-extend yourself. Use the stacks to your advantage, and don't hold more than you should in a hand.

Once you have established the five-card bet, then you have to wait until your opponent makes his first bet. Once he has made his first bet, the first card that was in his hand at the beginning of the game is the one that he is betting on.

Once he has chosen a hand to bet on, then you have to read his hand carefully. Learn the next card that he has and keep that one in your hand.

First Name Anus
Last Name Desah




Skype ID


Organization Texas Poker


Country Indonesia
Status Update

Topic revision: r2 - 2020-05-02 - AnusDesah
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