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Teler Tabis

Country: Indonesia
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Preventing Sports Corruption

Sports corruption is a problem that is as old as the sport itself. No matter how well we think we are watching a fair sport, the game cannot be fair unless someone gets away with something. We are all capable of doing bad things. We all play by the rules and have certain standards we must follow www.logiclub.net.

sports corruption

The key word here is "become". Whether it is an athlete cheating in their game or a sports owner stealing from his team. It is the desire to win, and with that comes the desire to beat a rival.

Soccer is one of the most popular sport around the world. As a professional soccer player, it can be an amazing experience. It is hard work and some very tough competition, but no one can deny that soccer can make you feel like a superstar nova88.

However, in a certain amount of sports corruption exists. Some fans have become so jaded, they just do not believe there is anything they can do to help out their team. The sad thing is, it takes time for this corruption to build up, and it is only a matter of time before the fans turn on the players and start shunning the team. It is a lot easier to just go along with it and hope that things will improve.

A great example of this is cheating in the Olympics. We have seen teams take advantage of their training facilities, and others have worked together to provide one another with favors. Many say that soccer is the least corrupted of all the major sport, but that is not entirely true. Other sports can also get into trouble, especially if they have a monopoly on their local market. A monopoly can lead to so much money being spent on travel expenses, and thus people don't see any other benefit.

But then again, those who play different sports than they do must face the problems. But in many cases, there are ways to correct the problem. This is not always the case in the case of football. Still, in the case of soccer, the governing body can easily set up rules and regulations to punish people who take advantage of the system.

Athletes are humans too. And they can make mistakes. Even if it is a mistake that will ruin their career. That is not the point. It is what the athlete did wrong, and what he or she could have done to prevent it.

In a sport like soccer, where the sport is so important, it is especially important to prevent sports corruption. For this reason, all countries should give a great deal of attention to the concept of sport's integrity. They can enact rules and regulations that would make it harder for any corruption to occur. In doing so, they would be doing their countries a great service, and that is one that can never be overstated.

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Country Indonesia
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Topic revision: r2 - 2020-04-25 - TelerTabis
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