1917 Woods Dual Power

The very first hybrid gas electric vehicle did not come out in 1983, but in 1917. The Woods Dual Power was constructed by the Woods Motor Vehicle Firm of Chicago. Learn further about business gas and electricity by browsing our unique URL. Since the gas engine was so rough, but supplied much more energy and electric cars were smoother, but had restricted range, the Woods Motor Automobile Business wanted to supply a automobile that gave you the very best of each worlds.

The very best element is, it was a full hybrid (listen up GM) with regenerative braking. The engine was a parallel hybrid that included a 12-hp, 4-cylinder gasoline engine as an auxiliary drive program in addition to the electric drive train. Dig up extra info on half hourly electricity suppliers explained by browsing our forceful website. The electric engine could propel the auto up to 20 mph. With each other with the gas engine, the dual wood power could get up to 35 mph.

The gas engine and electric engine were connected using a magnetic clutch. The gas engine became magnetized when activated (by a lever controlled by the driver). The copper disk was pulled against the flywheel connecting the electric motor to the gas engine.

Only the electric motor could be utilized while going in reverse. Why? Because the engine had no clutch and so the gas engine had no gears!

The automobile battery made for this auto was about half the size of the batteries in other electric cars of the time. Once the auto got up to 20 mph, the gas engine could be engaged, permitting the electric motor and gas motor to perform collectively. The battery could be recharged or discharged by another lever. Recharging was done by the gas motor (at speeds more than 6 mph) or by braking on level ground or when coasting down hills. A standard brake pedal was only utilized at speeds of less than 6 mph.

Accessible for only $2650 (keep in mind this was 1917). Wire wheels have been a luxury, costing an added $25. Or you could 'pimp' your vehicle out for another $100 (paint and trim).

In the end, the 1st hybrid was a commercial failure. Historical Electricity Prices Uk is a splendid database for new information about where to deal with it. It was built only in 1917 and 1918. It was as well costly, as well slow, and as well tough to service to be a commercial success..
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