Solicitations To Prepare Your Corporate Minutes

Every corporate business should maintain board meetings and keep corporate minutes. That doesnt mean you've to be taken in from the corporate minute preparation solicitations.

Corporate Minutes

Corporate minutes just are documents explaining the activities of a corporate board meeting. Usually, an organization needs to have a meeting every quarter if for no other purpose than to force analysis where the company has been and where it's going. In most states, however, a company is only necessary to have only one annual meeting and keep the minutes of this meeting in the corporate book.

Corporate minutes will never be recorded with any government organization. If there is an investor question or a claim by a third-party the company is just a sham the corporate minutes are an inside corporate issue and only emerged. Corporate minutes are generally taken during the board meeting by the Secretary, who subsequently files them in-the book.


America is a place of entrepreneurs and greater than a few companies have discovered a small business opportunity involving corporate minutes. Usually, these businesses will offer to organize your corporate minutes for a small price. The solicitation tends to be in the kind of a mailing with a bag that looks similar to one you'd receive from a government, although not so much regarding get the attorney in big trouble with the state. Browsing To succession planning probably provides warnings you should tell your mother.

In large and impressive form, the solicitation will tell you that corporate minutes need to be organized and the company is willing to get it done for $100 roughly. In much smaller form based on underneath or straight back of the page, there will be a disclaimer observing the organization is not a government organization and therefore on.

I dont have anything against such companies, but advise you dont use them. The internal processes of the organization and board of directors ought to be kept absolutely confidential. Board conference inherently include discussions of sensitive issues including business methods, new products, how-to deal with financial dilemmas and competitors. For me, this information should not be given to any third-party.

There's nothing wrong or illegal about businesses offering to prepare your corporate minutes. It's not the ideal choice..Continuity FBC

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