Day Trading Robot is one of the top stock pickers on the market today. I tested this program using the money back guarantee, so here is my Day Trading Robot review.

Day Trading Robot is one of many stockpicking programs on the market today. The major difference between itand other programs is the fact that it only targets cheap stocks.Considering that this is one of the most popular programs forpredicting stock behavior, especially amongst day traders given theemphasis on cheaper stocks, I was interested and curious to say theleast considering the profit potential.

Using their full money back guarantee,I decided to test the program first hand. After 3 months of testingthis program's picks, here are my results.

First a little about how Day TradingRobot works. Like most stock picking systems out there, this systemuses mathematical algorithms to analyze real time market data,sifting through it looking for profitable trading opportunities. Thisparticular system is based on 23 trading techniques which look atsuccessful trends in the past, looks into the factors which led tothat trend being formed, and then look for similar patterns incurrent market data. Once they find similarities in up to date marketdata, they investigate further. If Day Trading Robot finds what itdeems to be a profitable and guaranteed money making trend, it emailsyou accordingly so that you can trade accordingly.

I've never used any stock pickingsoftware in the past because I believed that if it were that easy todominate the market, everyone would be doing it. After years ofpeople asking me if I had ever tried any systems like this, I supposepart of me figured I could give them a definite answer after usingwhat many websites are hailing as the best day trading systemavailable today.

Well, I signed up for the members listand received my first stock pick shortly after. I signed up for apractice trading account so that I could not only track my resultsbut see the profits (or losses) in my account first hand. I bought$1000 worth of shares of the first recommended penny stock (itprimarily deals in penny stocks), logged out and left it alone, andthe following day I logged in to find that that $1000 had turned into$1600 overnight. I was shocked and sold it off to collect my virtualgains so that I could invest in the next pick.

I've also found Day Trading Robot to beideal in today's economy. Because of the ailing market, many stockshave bottomed out or are close to bottoming out, meaning that if youcan identify those which are poised to turn around, you can buy atthe lowest that many of these stocks have ever been and ride themback to the top as they recover. Day Trading Robot is incrediblyadept at distinguishing the failing from the ready to turn around.
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