2014 Meetings

DateSorted ascending Theme Leader
02/07 Socio-Technical Coordination (ICSE'2014 keynote) LeopoldoTeixeira
03/12 Inventing on Principle (Bret Victor) LeopoldoTeixeira
04/06 Aumentando o Desempenho de Sistemas Intensivos em E/S Através da Execução Concorrente Destas Operações SauloAraujo
05/11 Zipper-based Attribute Grammars and their Extensions João Paulo Fernandes
06/08 How healthy are software engineering conferences? LeopoldoTeixeira
07/05 Together We Are Stronger: Facilitating the Conduction of Distributed Human-Oriented Experiments WaldemarNeto
08/10 How Programming Languages Will Co-evolve with Software Engineering: A Bright Decade Ahead (FOSE'14) FernandoCastor
09/04 Bringing Evidence About Collaboration Conflicts on Github Projects PaolaAccioly
10/09 Detecting Anomalous Energy Consumption in Android Applications & Characterizing the Energy Efficiency of Java’s Thread-Safe Collections in a Multi-Core Environment JoaoSaraiva & GustavoPinto
12/11 Software Developers’ Perceptions of Productivity PaolaAccioly & HenriqueRebelo
13/08 Support Mechanisms to Conduct Empirical Studies in Software Engineering WaldemarNeto
17/12 Detecting conflicts using semistructured merge: A Replicated Experiment & Retrospectiva 2014 GuilhermeCavalcanti & LeopoldoTeixeira
17/09 How not to lie with statistics: The correct way to summarize benchmark results GuilhermeCavalcanti
18/06 Uma Biblioteca Orientada a Aspectos para Modelagem de Simulações Sociais FelipeOmena
19/11 Construindo Softwares de Bioinformática para Análises Clínicas: Desafios e Oportunidades Marcel Caraciolo
19/03 Secure and Modular Reasoning RodrigoAndrade
20/08 Mining fine-grained code changes to detect unknown change patterns (ICSE'14) PaolaAccioly
24/09 Deadlocks as Runtime Exceptions RafaelBrandao
24/07 Bidimensional Exception Interfaces ThiagoSilva
26/11 Elixir - A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM Filipe Varjão
26/03 A Product Line of Theories for Reasoning About Safe Evolution of Product Lines LeopoldoTeixeira
26/02 Investigating Preprocessor-based Errors MarcioRibeiro
27/08 Privacy and Security Policies for Collaborative Crosscutting Tasks RodrigoAndrade
28/05 Mining Questions About Software Energy Consumption FernandoCastor
29/10 SPLASH'2014 Highlights AndreSantos, FernandoCastor, HenriqueRebelo, PauloBorba, SergioSoares
30/04 Deadlocks as Runtime Exceptions RafaelLobo

-- LeopoldoTeixeira - 2015-02-19

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