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Instructions to make home drying rigs effective, convenient. Gianphoi.com.vn - A unit specializing in distributing the number 1 reputable drying platform today
How to make a clothes drying rack at home? Currently, most of the households favor smart drying rigs to effectively solve the problem of drying clothes with narrow balcony area. Not only brings convenience, but this drying system also ensures aesthetics and harmony with the modern design of the apartment, especially apartments in the city.

However, not all households are financially eligible to install a smart drying platform. Then why not try making your own clothes drying rig? How like? More information will be available shortly!
DIY smart clothes drying rig crank your hands

It can be said that the hand-held intelligent drying platform is one of the best rated for convenience. In order to make your own clothes drying rack, you need to understand how it works and how it works. The specific process is as follows:
Prepare necessary components and tools to make your own smart clothes drying rack with your hands

In order to have a drying rig system with the same basic functions as the company's products, it is best to buy materials at the drying rack component distributor. Because this is the best way for a homemade drying platform to be able to operate smoothly and ensure a neat and aesthetic design. Besides, users can also choose the components that suit their needs. For example, the drying bar will be 2 meters long, 1m5 or 3 meters long, depending on the installation space of your family.

However, a disadvantage to accept is that the load and features are not absolutely perfect.

You can refer to buying components here: Accessories of hand-crank intelligent drying platform
The steps taken, making a hand-cranked smart clothes drying rack

First of all, users need to carefully measure the size of the space to install the drying platform.

Cut the stainless steel into the size you want.

Fixing parts such as guide, bolt, winch. Note, you must keep the distance between 2 rows of buli at least 40cm. About 20 to 30cm from the wall is both beautiful.

As for the cable, you can fold the wire in half, let the two ends of the wire go through the bolt and guide.

Get the cable tied straight to the 2 drying bars.

For details of the steps, you can refer to the following video:

DIY clothes drying platform pull horizontally

With a structure that is not too complicated, you can still buy components and design for yourself a horizontal intelligent drying platform. Details are as follows:
Prepare accessories and components to make a smart clothes drying platform to pull horizontally

As for accessories and components to prepare for your homemade smart horizontal drying platform, you need the following:

Stainless steel or aluminum alloy drying bar.

The iron bars make the spring system contract and expand

Wall screws.

The process of making clothes drying rigs horizontally

First, you need to determine exactly where you want to install the drying platform.

Purchase or make your own trellis spring system with retractable and retractable.

Fix the trellis spring support system to the wall.

Attach the clothesline.

The whole process of self-installation of the intelligent horizontal drying platform, you can refer to here:

In fact, making the clothes drying rack to pull horizontally is not difficult. If you are careful, you can still ensure strength and rigidity by choosing good materials. However, by components v

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