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How To Find the Best MBBS University In Russia?

MBBS in Russia is an internationally recognized institution for Masters of Business Administration. This degree enables students to take up high-level management positions in multinational companies. The educational institutions in Russia provide MBBS in Russia with a fast track programme. A fast-track programme comprises all the subjects, which are taken up as per the scheduled timings in a year.

First, let us check out the main features of MBBS in Russia from a reputed University. The admission of the students starts from the month of October for MBBS in Russia. One can apply directly if he possesses at least 50% marks from the PCAT, chemistry-biology, physics and biology (ICM). The universities, which are famous for MBBS in Russia admit students on the basis of results, placement results and the subjects completed. The study materials provided for the subject are various and one can select them in accordance with the requirements.


In accordance with the rules and regulations of Russian Federation, the MBBS in Russia does not count towards the total number of credits for graduation. The universities follow the accredited education codes. Almost all the Universities admit students who are eligible for the studying mba without considering their mode of study. It is important to note that the number of years of study is not a criterion for selection at the Universities of Russia.

As far as the international students are concerned, there are several institutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg offering MBBS in Russia too. The institutes offer MBBS in Russia to the students who are interested in becoming a doctor in a reputed institute of medicine like The Moscow University or The St. Petersburg University. Some of the renowned medical colleges that are located in Russia include The Russian State University, The Siberian University and The Medical Academy. Besides these, The National Medical Academy is another famous institution in Russia offering MBBS in Russia also.

The students looking forward to pursuing MBBS in Russia should do the proper research and find out about the institutes beforehand so as to know about the admission process and other facilities offered by the institutes. All the universities accept the students who have attained the recognition as the equivalent of their degree. In case of University and medical colleges, an admission record is required to be submitted along with the academic credentials and diplomas. Foreign students are not allowed to register in MBBS in Russia because of some legal reasons.

There are many reasons that are cited for refusal of admission to the students from outside the country. According to the reasons, the decision is based on the nationality policy of the Russian Federation. According to the Federal law of Russia, foreign students are banned from studying in Russian institutions unless they receive a valid visa from the concerned ministry or state department. The main reasons for refusal of admission from the foreign countries are economic, illegal behavior, and ill-health.

Besides MBBS in Russia, there are a number of other courses that are offered by the medical education authorities in Russia. These include courses in pharmacy, radiology, dental medicine, pathology, pregnancy and childbirth, psychology, nutrition, nursing, pharmacy science, medical administration, biology, dermatology, surgery and handling diseases of the cardiovascular system, general medical education and anatomy. In the medical education authority of Ural-Siberian region, the stipend is about 6500 rubles (Nursing salary), which is not much compared to the fee of MBBS in Russia. However, the MBBS in Russia Fees are quite lower than the fees of foreign students. Other institutions also offer MBBS with heavy financial aid, but some of them do not accept foreign students as the cost of education is much higher in those countries.

When you decide to apply for MBBS in Russia abroad, it is important to check whether the institute is approved by the Ministry of Education and further verification is required. There are certain documents that are required to be furnished by the students who want to pursue MBBS in Russia, including their passport and visa fee along with the registration fee. Foreign students who have completed their MBBS in Russia before can remain in Russia without a visa for one year. Students planning to pursue MBBS in Russia need to complete their registration in a university. After that, they are eligible for an examination conducted by the Ministry of Education to acquire a degree and license to practice as a doctor in Russia.

-- MaiGoodson - 2021-05-21

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