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Introduction to Taiwan

Taiwan is known as a land of beauty and development. It has long been a favorite tourist destination in Asia. Not only that, Taiwan also attracts many international students and workers here to study and work. Let's learn about Taiwan through the article below!

Since ancient times, when Portuguese sailors first arrived in Taiwan, they called it "Formosa" which means "beautiful island". Taiwan looks like a leaf on the map, located in the southeastern coast of China.

Taiwan is separated from China's Fujian province by the Taiwan Strait. The country is 350 miles south of the Philippines and 1070 kilometers north of Japan. Taiwan's East borders the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its favorable geographic location, Taiwan is the home of many international Asian flights.

Taiwan is a collection of 64 small islands belonging to the Penghu archipelago and 21 other islands. The total area of the entire territory is up to 38,000 km2. Although it is an island, much of Taiwan is covered by mountains and forests. The rich and diverse nature has created a green, unique scene for this beautiful island.

Taiwan climate is divided into four seasons: March and April is Spring in Taiwan. May to September is summer with hot and humid weather. Autumn starts from October to November. And winter lasts from December to February next year.

Due to the characteristics of the subtropical climate, the annual average temperature of Taiwan is between 25 degrees C and 28 degrees Celsius. Northern Taiwan often experiences heavy rain in October to March due to the influence of monsoons. Northeast. The south has a warmer climate than the north in winter. Summer weather in the North is usually hotter and drier. The months, August, and September in Taiwan are usually stormy months.
Beautiful spring in Taiwan

Beautiful spring in Taiwan
Administrative division

Taiwan's territory is divided into three administrative zones: Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. In particular, Taipei is the most developed area and is home to many industrial zones. The place is also known as the movie capital of Taiwan. Taichung also has many industrial parks, but less than Taipei. Tainan has a developed agriculture.

Taiwan's population is not too many. Most of the population is concentrated in the major cities of Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Tainan. Accounting for 59% of the country's population. Taipei and Kaohsiung are the 2 most populous cities in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country with many ethnic groups living together, mainly ethnic Han, Mongolia, Muslim, Meo, Cao Son, etc. The majority of the population is ethnic Han, accounting for 97% of the total population. The ethnic Han community consists mainly of southern Fujian and Hakka. The southern people of Fujian are mostly from Xuzhou or Zhangzhou in Fujian province. Meanwhile, most Hakka people are from Mai Chau and Chaozhou in Guangdong province.

Not only famous for her diverse natural beauty. Taiwan is also known by Asia's most developed economy. This country is one of the "4 Asian dragons". Taiwan is strong in agriculture, forestry and fishery. Rich resources have created conditions for this industry group to grow. Besides, Taiwan also develops rapidly in modern commercial, engineering and electronics industries. Taiwan economy is considered a dynamic economy. It is attracting more and more interest and investment from foreign businesses.

Many large companies and banks are on the trend of privatization. Export is the strength and key driver of industrialization in Taiwan. The country has a trade surplus, and foreign reserves are among the most developed. Taiwan is home to many large industrial groups. In addition, it is estimated that there are about 80,000 small and medium enterprises.
Taipei is the most developed city in Taiwan.

Taipei is the most developed city in Taiwan.

The economy develops and the number of enterprises, large and small, is constantly increasing. Has contributed significantly to Taiwan's economic growth over the past decade. In addition, to meet the requirements of the market, companies and businesses in Taiwan are constantly recruiting workers. Especially foreign workers, including Vietnam.

Taiwan Money is called Taiwan Dollar (NT $) which includes banknotes and coins, easy to convert to US Dollars (USD) and other foreign currencies at the bank. The communication system in Taiwan is also very developed and convenient. On the street there are many public phone "booths" for people

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