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Increasing site visits usually leads to increased sales and who will not want more sales and Real Human Website Traffic?! I have read all the articles written on this subject, but I did not find the right solution. For this reason, I decided to focus on increasing site visits in this article, with practical and experimental techniques!

According to research done by the BuzzSumo and Moz sites, content longer than 3 words or so has skyscraper content, sharing rates, and links:

As you can see, if your content reaches more than 2 words, it has more than 1% share rate, not in Iran!

Although, unfortunately, there is no content sharing culture in Iran as it exists outside of Iran, but content with more than 3 words has a great impact in several ways:

•Most importantly, Google likes this content more than the short ones.

•This content is usually very comprehensive and can respond well to all user needs.

•If people want to link to content, they will link to such content because it is of higher quality.

•When writing such content, you can use more keywords and reinforce the key concept of your content.

So, don't pay too much attention to the Yoast SEO Plugin Recommendations because Yoast SEO tells you to write at least 2 words of content, but I recommend you write at least 1-2 words. So, Have you wondered if it was safe to buy website traffic online? Truth be told, not all companies are created equal, but if you select a reputable supplier with years of experience, it's safe, fast, easy and surprisingly affordable.

It's true that skyscraper content is no longer as effective as it used to be, and content can't be produced just enough, but one can still hope that it gets top-notch Google with 1% content, as I did in this way. I've got a webcaster. If you search the keywords of my various articles on Google, you will find that I have the most words on the front page of Google, which increases my site's visibility.

We all know that generating content is very important, and that requires increasing site visitors to have good content. But one thing many people overlook is editing and updating old content. Editing and updating an old content rather than generating new content has a tremendous power to boost site visits.

Let me prove this to you with a stat from the Gray Webmaster website:

6% Increase in Site Visits via Google, Only by Content Updates!

These figures are related to the article "4 References to Build Quality Backlinks”. This article was written in April 1 and there has been no change since then. As you can see in the picture above, this article was updated on November 5, 2010 and as you can see, this article's input from Google has increased by 5%!

Do not doubt that no content production can bring you such an increase in the number of visitors in the first week! That's why I say take the old content update seriously, and if you want to increase your site visit, take months to update your content. The question that arises here is exactly how to edit and update the old content and what is the correct way?

Content Editing Principles and Solutions

Before we look at content editing and updating strategies, we need to see why content editing is so valuable to Google, and how fast it increases site visits. In the article "What is SEO?" I have talked fully about this and said what the ultimate goal of Google is. Google's goal is to show the user the best results and get them satisfied.

So, Google's outdated and outdated content is unworthy of Google, because it probably won't be appealing to the audience. But imagine a content being updated on a regular and monthly basis. Then what do you think this content is worth in Google's view? Certainly, Google puts such content on its head (!) And tries to make it more visible to its users because it knows that such content will always be valuable to users and will not have an expiration date.

So by continually updating and editing your content, you make your site fall in love with Google and in turn Google helps increase your site traffic and sends you more traffic. Some believe that it's just a matter of time before mobile usage will overtake laptop and PC usage ... Everyone's on the go, so buy mobile traffic and catch people whether they are on a train, at a bus stop, or even on a mountain top. Think of the possibilities!

Now I want to share with you a few content editing tips:

One of the simplest ways to show Google that our content has been updated is to make content longer. In this way, just add a few paragraphs to your content or add some photos and videos.

One of Google's best and greatest algorithms was the Rank Brain algorithm that helps this search engine understand the meaning of the search terms and search by concept, not just by keyword! So with the help of this algorithm, your website may even pop up for words that are not in your content because it has the basic meaning and user need.

The good news is that Google shows you these words!

With the Google Search Console tool, in the Performance section you can see words and queries that Google feels are close to your content. Now it's your job to optimize your old content for these words as well as stabilize your place in these potential (but potentially powerful!) Words! Another way you can showcase your content as an updated content is to add multimedia to the content.

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