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Synopsis: In the middle of the download serial aghazadeh old war between good and evil download serial frog a young man with indescribable powers comes to life. In search of an answer, he encounters a secret group that has promised to protect the world from evil download serial jeyran .. Noon Warrior is Netflix's latest fantasy and action series. This collection is an adaptation of manga style comics. In the following download serial malakeye gedayan we will see by examining the first season of the series whether this new Netflix work is worth seeing or not ?! Basically, the viewer's relationship with the series should start from the beginning, and such a relationship is formed when the beginning of the story is accompanied by interesting and spectacular points, or at least arouses the viewer's curiosity. But The Warrior Nun is a fantasy series that has been involved in action and drama scenes from the beginning. One of the main points of this series is its main character named Eva (Alba Baptista) from the very beginning, because this character is a dead orphan who inadvertently becomes a warrior nun. The free adaptation of the comic book "Aryala the Warrior Nun" in this series provides a good space to start a fun story centered on a specific character.

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The beginning of the series is a bit confusing download film holia but for me, Eva's character was enough to get over the complexity of the first minutes. Basically download film koose Warrior Nun is a fantasy work with a feminine look. Since Warrior Nun has many female characters (as the title of this article suggests), this is why most of the episodes are directed by women. The main creator of the series (Simon Berry) may be a man, but the appearance of the work is feminine, and this is an important point. In the two good and bad spectrums of the series, we see different and seemingly stable female characters. Also, these female characters are from most races and the reason for this is to attract different nuns from all over the world. In short, the story deals with most of the important characters, which is not so true for most of them. In fact, the dark past of each character has tied him to the church, and this knot has inadvertently filled the gap between home and family in these characters. From the beginning of the series, the use of terms such as association, cult and mythical creatures tied to the etymology of Catholic Christianity makes the viewer remember John Wake and his world by seeing the appearance of warrior nuns, but the dark world of John Wake Imagine with the world of stories. If John Constantine gets involved, what happens now ?! In fact, Warrior Nun has such an atmosphere. Of course, the big weakness of the series in the first season is the introduction of many characters with mysterious scenes behind the scenes, most of which are left to be examined in the next seasons. But the warrior nun means that a secret society was created from the first crusade, so the aura of an angel was passed on to the first warrior nun named Aryala, and this aura was passed down from generation to generation to the next chosen warrior nun. The presence of an aura in the body of the chosen person increases his unusual abilities. In fact, the warrior nun with a halo becomes a powerful superhero who is able to cross the wall and even miraculously heal his wounds.


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