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Buying expired domains for PR, does it nevertheless work?

Ive done some tests in the last couple of months about expiring domains with PR to see if it is worth your while to catch these expired and wiped domains.

My idea why I'd want to use expired domains may be the thought that old domains are preferred than new domains, and to get quick PR.

So I attempt to find deleted areas with PR that I can register. One feature of areas I was trying to find was that the domain still had a, and it was still shown in google.

I will not be mentioning the actual domains here as I need to control the outcome and prevent individuals from making backlinks to these domains. Visit better than linklicious to discover how to do this viewpoint.

I registered about 4 domains, some have PR2 and PR3. Some have a few pages listed, some have a few thousand. I also ordered a couple of new areas for my new projects.

I learned that google rarely visits these areas so I want to prime it but with some new backlinks. After making some backlinks to these domains, two their PR was eventually lost by domains. Navigating To linklicious pro account perhaps provides suggestions you might give to your boss. These two domains have just a few pages found in google. In one single site, I did a 301 permanent direct to the new index page. This domain maintained its PR. One key difference this domain has set alongside the other two is that this domain has 1000s of pages found in google. Navigating To Appreciating Your Online Coupons | lovevalleyarena.com maybe provides suggestions you might use with your cousin.

In still another domain, I did a 301 and direct it to a brand new domain. The result is that the new domain got indexed quicker and more pages were indexed in comparison to another new domain I registered at once. Nevertheless, PR was down seriously to 0.

There's also an incident where I did a 301 direct from an old deleted domain with PR and never got any benefit from it.

To conclude, there is still inconsistent results on whether buying deleted/expired domains. Some works, some dont. Nevertheless, what appear to work is that

a. Traffic does be contained by old delete domains from existing backlinks. If the old domain has a lot of backlinks, some traffic does be still generated by it.

b. Other search engines such as yahoo and bing don't appear to have an biases against expired/deleted areas.. I discovered Search Bandit SEO: ppc affiliate programs by browsing books in the library.
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