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How to repair the E18 problem on Canon cameras

This short article is meant for people whose cameras are out-of warranty. Go-to your nearest Canon repair shop, if your camera remains under warranty and let them fix it. If its maybe not, it is possible to often choose to spend around 150$ for the re-pair or try one of those basic methods.

There appears to be a relatively large populace of Canon owners who are suffering from the E18 error. In this essay I'll teach several basic strategies to you you can make an effort to repair the error yourself.

This article is designed for people whose cameras are out of warranty. If your camera is still under warranty, visit your nearest Canon mechanic shop and let them fix it. To learn additional information, consider peeping at: 404 Not Found. If its not, it is possible to often elect to pay around 150$ for your repair or take to one of the basic methods.

First I will describe what exactly an E18 is. In accordance with Canons internet site, it is one that involves the lens unit or lens cover. The lens gets caught in the extended position, and refuses to move both to focus the lens or even to retract when powered down. It sometimes happens if you apply pressure to the area surrounding the lens while it's in the mode (this includes dropping the camera), or if sand or dust get into the lens area. The lens gets trapped, you get a black screen with a little 'E18' sign in the lower-left corner, the-camera beeps once or twice and turns down.

Currently, I noticed quite a few people online that are having difficulties with this problem. It occurred to a few of months aswell my Power Shot A520 ago, but fortuitously, the camera was still under warranty so Canon mounted it free of charge. To be able to help the unfortunate ones whose cameras are out-of warranty, I chose to write this short article.

Fundamentally, there are a handful of simple things you can look at. I cant assurance they will meet your needs, but I know these methods have helped many people get rid of their E18 problems:

1) One method is to touch the padded USB address part on a hard surface, for instance, a table. I understand it sounds to easy to work, but this can acquire some of the dust from the lens.

2) Take to compressed air. Visit return to site to discover why to think over this thing. With a great tip strike off dry and gun compressed air established the tip between the lens turret and the camera body and start the air while going the tip around the lens. It will remove all of the dirt and s-and. Turn the camera o-n and it should perform great.

3) Another solution will be to take to and force the lens back to place. Here is the least preferable approach. Be taught extra info on a related website by clicking open in a new browser. Test it only when the camera is out of warranty and DONT use a lot of pressure! If the lens can be set back to place with a light press, good! Or even, dont drive it!

4) If nothing else works, there are always a couple of online guides in different languages for cleaning the lens thoroughly and dismantling the-camera. Try this only if your camera is out of warranty! Some of them are:

- http://www.ixus-world.de/tips/repair_guide/e18_01en.htm - helpful information in English

- http://menthol.hit.bg/E18.html - helpful tips in Bulgarian

- http://www.artecdesign.ee/~jan/Kaamerad/PowerShotA70/index.html - Estonian guide

The last two aren't in English, however they have a great deal of pictures which will help with the entire process. Details is a offensive online database for more about the purpose of this enterprise.

Therefore youve learned how you can take to and rescue your camera. Check out the methods for yourself, and contact me with good news.

If you want more details about the error, or wish to study other peoples experiences with it, drop by my site at http://www.e18error.com. Feel free to drop me a message..
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