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Increasing Accuracy and Patient Comfort With Digital Mammography

There's encouraging news for women. If you are concerned with English, you will maybe require to check up about favorite lovemaking positions. Discover further on our related website by clicking this month. Visiting check out aphrodisiacs probably provides suggestions you can tell your co-worker. Not just is it getting simpler to capture and treat breast cancer in its earliest phases, but new systems are making the process of detecting the illness more comfortable for that patient-and more accurate as-well.

The National Cancer Institute recommends mammography tests everyone to two years for women over 40 and annually for women over 50. In addition, women at high-risk of developing breast cancer (for example, women with a family history of breast cancer o-r who test positive for the BRCA breast cancer gene) are encouraged to start annual mammography tests even earlier-sometimes as small as 25-and should consult a physician.

Benefits and risks

a Early diagnosis of small breast cancers greatly increases a chances for successful therapy. For a second perspective, please consider having a glance at: high quality aphrodisiacs for men. If breast cancer is caught and treated whilst it remains restricted to the breast ducts, the cure rate is near 100-percent.

a Clinical studies in the U.S., Sweden and the Netherlands have proposed that deaths from breast cancer might be cut by between 3-6 and 44 per cent if assessment mammography were conducted annually on all women in their 40s.

Electronic mammography

One of the newest advances in breast cancer screening is digital mammography. Digital mammography uses basically the same process as mainstream mammography, but comes with a receptor and a computer rather than a video cassette.

Electronic mammography systems including Siemens Medical Solutions' Mammomat NovationDR permit faster and more correct viewing of the dense structure of the chest. Pictures are acquired digitally and displayed immediately to the program check.

According to a current study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, digital mammography was somewhat better than standard mammography at screening ladies in any of the following categories:

an under-age 50;

a age with very dense or excessively dense breasts; or

a pre- o-r perimenopausal women of any age..
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