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Item Idea: Add On To An Existing Item

H-e gave me some information that I wish to share it with you. H-e made me aware of how to make money from open source project like joomla.org.

Joomla is among the most successful open source computer software on the web and its written with php, as you might be conscious and most of-the webmasters are familiar with it.

So now the problem in your mind must be -how can we make...

Recently I'd a conversation with Andi Sikumbang, the person who owns and controls templateplazza.com.

He gave me some information which I need to discuss it with you. H-e made me conscious of how to make money from open-source project like joomla.org.

While you might be conscious, joomla is one of the most successful open source pc software online and its written with php and most of-the webmasters are familiar with it.

So now the problem in your head have to be -how can we generate income from application?

Allow me to first tell you how Andi Sikumbang generates over $2000 from his site promoting joomla themes.

The site makes its income through membership subscription.

He gives yearly account template for only $35. That is incredible because he started his collection with only 5 themes and it sold very well. He now has 9 templates and still keeps attracting new members.

Did you get an idea? If you are able to satisfy a demand of the market, then also you've little to offer, people can come and take it. The main point here is that you could have little but that little must be of good quality. Visit remove frames to check up when to look at it.

Now lets have a look at how to start a software business-based on joomla task as successfully demonstrated by Templateplazza.com. To get one more way of interpreting this, consider taking a view at: 세션 - Having A Hard Time Discovering The Right Web Design Software? Try These Great Id.

There is an increase pc software for joomla that will be called extension. Quite simply its a process where you will need the principle software (joomla) to operate it.

At-the joomla internet site (http://extensions.joomla.org/), youll see a huge number of extentions manufactured by some person or an organization. A lot of them are free. Our goal would be to make money. If you have an opinion about shopping, you will likely require to explore about purchase here. Therefore make use of the progress search option to find industrial extentions.

I found about 60 industrial software based on joomla. The cost varies, which range from tens to hundreds of dollars.

This can be a good business idea and the primary advantage is that you may not need to build community, their community and they will soon be pleased to encourage your application.

In this way you already are a step ahead and should focus only o-n creating the item..
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